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The "Cadastral Template 2.0" has been developed by a research group at the Centre for SDIs and Land administration, Department of Infrastructure Engineering of the University of Melbourne and it was established under UN mandate by Resolution 4 of the 16th UNRCC-AP in Okinawa, Japan in July 2003. It consisted of Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Dr. Daniel Steudler, and Professor Ian Williamson, supported by Professor Stig Enemark from Aalborg University, Denmark. PCGIAP-Working Group 3 "Cadastre" cooperates with FIG-Commission 7 to place the country information jointly on this website and to maintain the information during its 2003-2006 Work Plan.

Participating countries

Field data:

The cadastral template is based on a raster of 17 data fields, which would need to be filled in according to its specific description. You can find that description in the questionnaire.

Username and password:

For filling in and updating country information, a username and password is required. Only one username and password is given out per country. Please contact Daniel.Steudler@geo21.ch to get yours.

Disclaimer & copyright:

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